For those looking for an alternative wedding cake, Zoe Clark Cakes also offers a stunning patisserie-style range. This includes delicious buttercream wedding cakes, plain and simple naked cakes, semi-naked cakes and the fashionable drip cakes. Alternatively, choose one of our decadent chocolate wedding cakes or macaron towers which make a perfect centre-piece for a dessert table.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes, Naked Cakes, Semi-naked Cakes and Drip Cakes

For a more informal or rustic look, these cakes are incredibly fun and equally as mouth-watering as the traditional tiered cake. Typically dressed with fresh flowers, they are also a great option for couples on a budget. Choose from a variety of flavoured buttercreams, syrups, conserves, curds and ganaches to add flavour. These are then spread between three or four layers of light sponge or slightly denser chocolate or carrot cake.

Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Our chocolate wedding cakes are also layered and filled like other cakes and can be decorated in various ways. From chocolate collars and wraps to handmade chocolate flowers, moulded shards and cigarillos, they are certain to  impress, both in appearance and taste.

Macaron Towers and Meringues

Chic, stylish and extremely indulgent, macaron towers are becoming increasingly popular, especially as focal points on dessert tables. Furthermore, extra base tiers and bespoke decorations can all be added to customize your tower to your celebration. Alternatively, you can choose meringue kisses and swirls instead of macarons, to create a different look, yet equally as pretty. Macarons and Meringues can also make great little favours for your guests.

If you are looking for a cake with more traditional fondant icing and sugar flower decorations, please visit our iced wedding cake page and gallery. You can even combine the two!

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